Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Kemaluan Besar Anwar dan Anaknya Nurul Izah...!!!

Sungguh Terperanjat dan sangat Teruja Pewaris Wasiat...!!!
Sungguh sungguh diluar Daya Imiginasi dan sangkaan Pewaris Wasiat...!!!
Teramat BESAR KEMALUAN nya.....Besar sungguh....!!!

Sila baca disini....

Cakap banyak takmo Bhai....cakap mudah jeer laaa...Tanda tanda dah tuuu....!!!

Psssst :  Bagi jeeer laaa kat Raja Nong Chik....buat buang masa jeer...!!! He he he


  1. the battle for propaganda is starting to be in full swing....lies or not is no longer important but the ability to stir emotion, hatred and eventually support and hence the votes ...Lim Dynasty will use the Abolishment of Article 153 to get non malay support and that is going to be very successful as I see it and Anwar is going to say Petrol will be going down immediately once they take over as Federal government and toll will also be abolish....BN can only talk about what they did for the past 54 years abd even that already many are already not happy as they believe many projects are inflated in price and pocketed by BN politicians especially UMNO side...I have to agree with them as this is the truth looking at many such projects which runs into billions and eventually ends in scandals...I have voice out that UMNO should act fast and arrest the Article 153 issue but they think they still command support to put them in power but regret to say when election comes such issue will take away most votes of fence watchers ...the malay today are educated and they realise Article 153 is for certain UMNO politicians only using that as their credit card to wealth and power...see AP as an example where cars are sold at huge profit when that AP is just 60 sens...and mind you the malays are also the fool to pay such prices when it is only 40% of what other countries are think they are stupid and keeping quiet ? That is why the Malays now want UMNO out as the Federal government as after being abroad to study these educated malays can see themselves being used...see the numbers of malay youth now joining forces with PAS and PKR and even now DAP and is ever ready to go to war to unseat UMNO in particular....I know you might not want or like my comment but that is how I observe through years after 308....sigh.

    1. Hello

      Margaret, apa yang hang dok merapu ni apakan selama ini BN tak ada jasa langsung dalam membangunkan Malaysia.

      Untuk pengetahuan kau Tu Tauke Besar Robert Kouk tu untuk menjadikan dia orang terkaya di Malaysia dia sanggup memberi makan kepada Rakyat Malaysia Tepung yang standard hanya untuk makanan BABI.

      Kau pun dah tertipu olehnya.

      Margaret kau akan melihat satu gelombang kebangkitan MELAYU yang akan menakutkan KAUM CHINA.

      Margaret kaum CHINA akan menyesal kerana menyokong DAP, PAS dan PKR lihat le nanti.

      Semua perniaga CHINA akan bungkus sebab adanya Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia.

      CHINA hanya tahu nak kaya tapi tak tahui cara menghjargai apa yang dah Orang Melayu berikan dan berkongsi dengan mereka.

      Sekarang tibalah masanya Orang Melayu menarik secara perlahan-lahan apa yang dah diberikan kepada Orang CHINA.

      Kami akan menarik balik melalui perniagaan dahulu kemudian barulah pelajaran dan akhir sekali KAUM CHINA akan tunduk balik kepada Orang Melayu.

      Kau tunggulah Margaret.